The flat

The new flat for short-term rentals in the adjacent house is still under renovation. There is still quite a lot to do, there is no set date yet for the opening.

I'll put some more photos of the work in progress.

This flat has 2 bedrooms, a large living-room including kitchen. It is in the 1st floor of the house and there is direct access from the street, so it is fully independant.


the stairs leading from front door to the flat in 1st floor.

It was only concrete before (this is how we found it when we bought the house)

It now has travertine tiles....

the toilet before and after. It was very plain, so we changed EVERYTHING from floor to ceiling...

the bathroom was created next to the stairs (where the armchairs are). The previous bathroom in another part of the flat was put down, the walls as well, so that the living-room is now much bigger.

2nd photo, we can see the walls being created.

3rd photo, the walls are done, the floor gets a waterproof layer before putting the tiles.

Tiles on floor and walls are done, the shower is almost ready...

This corner by the stairs could not be used, so the new bathroom was created there.

2nd photo, metal rails for the new plasterboard walls.

3rd photo: walls are up.

The old kitchen with the old bathroom behind the wall. The wall was put down, a door to the outside was installed and everything made new from floor to ceiling. The new kitchen is not quite ready yet, but the biggest part is done.